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...(Play on! and pronounced svee-rye with a rolled “r”) is shouted in encouragement when a tamburitza musician is playing with special energy and inspiration. It's also the name of one of the best known Slavic music bands in the United States. Childhood friends from Steelton, Pennsylvania, America's tamburitza heartland, and descendants of immigrants from Croatia and Serbia, Sviraj epitomizes the camaraderie, passion, and deep-rooted connection to family, culture and community in tamburitza music.

Tamburitza is the great multi-ethnic instrumental and vocal music tradition of the central Balkan peninsula that found its deepest roots among Croatians, Serbians, Roma (Gypsies), and Hungarians and it reflects the deep soul, emotion and melancholy of these peoples. The group also plays music from other southern European countries including Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. Let Sviraj take you to another world!


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The members of Sviraj are life-long friends who grew up together in an ethnically diverse steel town in Pennsylvania. They learned the music of their culture and others through many, many performances, jam sessions and encounters with folk musicians from the ethnic communities in the United States and the Balkans.

Lenny TepsichLenny Tepsich (Celo, Dumbek, Vocals) of Serbian and Croation descent first played tambura with the St. Nicholas Junior Tamburitzans in Steelton in 1970. He played with a variety of tambura groups including the Balkan Brothers and Jorgovan. He's been featured at balkan music dance camps and international folk festivals around the country. Lenny is also nationally recognized as singer/songwriter and children's performer Mr. Music®. In addition to motivating kids through music, he is able to share his culture with his young audiences.

Chris RadanovicChris Radanovic (Bass, Vocals) of Serbian descent, has been performing for over 15 years. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Performance from the University of Iowa. He has performed a wide range of genres from classical and musical theater to jazz and popular music. Chris also currently performs with the Central Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra, the Center Stage Opera Company, and the St. Lawrence Adult Tamburitzans, all located in the Harrisburg, PA area.

Misko FurjanicMike "Misko" Furjanic (Violin, Tamburica, Vocals) of Croatian descent, has been performing for over 25 years. As a child, Mike was taught to play the violin by his mother, who instructed him in several eastern European fiddle styles. Mike is currently the music director of Kolo Grupa "Marian" of Steelton, Pa., and he has performed with Croatian folk ensembles throughout the US, Canada, and Croatia. Mike has played and recorded with groups that perform styles of music ranging from classical to country and folk to rock.

Danilo YanichDanilo Yanich (Bugarija, Accordion, Vocals) of Serbian descent, has performed for over 25 years. He is on the teaching staff of Balkan Music and Dance Camps and past president of the national board of the East European Folklife Center. He holds a Ph.D. in Urban Affairs & Public Policy and has published articles on Balkan politics. He is the director of the Graduate Program at the School of Urban Affairs & Public Policy, University of Delaware .

Sviraj & Tambura wizard Jerry Grcevich
Tambura wizard Jerry Grcevich performing with Sviraj at Phelps Mansion, First Night celebration, Binghamton, NY

Sviraj has performed across the United States for many types of audiences and in many settings, including folk music radio shows and events in ethnic communities throughout the country.


Here is a selected list.



The Library of Congress
Smithsonian Institution
Honolulu Academy of the Arts
Kent State University Folk Festival
National Public Radio
Public Broadcasting System
Folk Alliance World Music Showcase
Concert of Colors, Detroit
Philadelphia Folklife Center, International House
West Chester University
University of Pennsylvania
University of Delaware
Pennsylvania State University
Carnegie-Mellon University
George Mason University
171 Cedar Arts Center, Corning, NY
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco
Napredak Center, San Jose, CA
Slavic Music Festival, Phoenix
The Focal Point, St. Louis
Slavonic Center, San Francisco
Bethlehem Musikfest
Baltimore Folk Music Society
The Pennsylvania State Museum
IronWorld Discovery Center, Chisholm, MN
Tamburitza Association of America
Folklore Society of Greater Washington
Pennsylvania League of Cities
Philadelphia Folksong Society
Pennsylvania Heritage Commission
American Society of Ethnomusicologists
Susquehanna Folk Festival
Cherry Tree Music Co-Op
Kaleidoscope Folk Festival
Longwood Gardens
First Night Celebration, Binghamton, NY
Hawaii Public Radio, Atherton Studio
Hawaii Conference on the Arts and Humanities
The Blue Dragon, Big Island, Hawaii

June 8, 2021

Hear from Harrisburg


Sponsored by the American Folklore Society


July 25, 2021


Serbian American Club of Steelton

Steelton, PA


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September 23-26, 2021

TAA Extravaganza

Tamburitza Association of America

Cleveland, OH


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October 23, 2021


American Folklore Society

Harrisburg, PA


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November 13, 2021

Harvest Dance

Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Church

Lebanon, PA


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Kolo CD Cover

KOLO, the ancient and beautiful dance tradition of the Slavic people; brought to America by our Balkan ancestors and given to us to preserve and cherish... first we crawl, then walk, then KOLO ...and life is good!

Samotissa/Gerikinaspacer Gajdaspacer Seljanćicaspacer Orijentspacer Čaćakspacer Bitolaspacer Śestorkaspacer Oj Makedonkospacer Krići Krići Tićek/Desinećkispacer Gm Śestspacer Velikospacer Niśka Banjaspacer Rechenitsaspacer Op Saspacer Alunelospacer Stani Momespacer


For these tamburaśi there is nothing better than when people dance!

Zumba Zai

Zumba Zai CD Cover

By the early 1900's, our Balkan ancestors brought the customs and traditions established over centuries to America. The songs and dances taught to us as children are a reflection of our history and our connection to family, friends, and community. Our instruments, handed down by great tamburasi of the past, were made and played by close friends in America and Europe. Heritage cannot be expressed with words alone; its soul is in the music...

Bisenijespacer Śest Dok Palme Njiśu Granespacer Opa Cupa Jam Duri Duri Moj Dilbere Poskoćica Kolospacer Kaleś Bre Andjospacer Čelo Chaser (Tepsich)spacerspacerŚote Pilemspacer spacerVlajnaspacer spacerTino Mori spacerZumba Zai

Zumba Zai is a song we learned from our dear friend and mentor, well-known Romanian fiddler George Caba. It is a story of a young man who hears music in everything around him…it fills his heart and soul and he begins to dance...much like tamburaśi! We’ve included some of the session where George teaches us the song. We’re blessed by his spirit and generosity………… for you George!


One to Remember

A once-in-a-lifetime performance recorded LIVE at International House in Philadelphia with special guests Vlad Popovich, Jerry Grcevich & Zvonko Bogdan.

This double-cd set contains the ENTIRE concert with three videos of selected songs plus lyrics & translations.

Sviraj Ciganine Bekrija Cesto Mi Dragi Urani Ti Si Moja Sreca Proplakala Zumbul Ajsa Misirlou Niska Banja Ne Diraj Te Mi Ravnicu Me Volivla Jovano Jovanke Ramo Ramo Tesko Mi Je Za To Patim Ja Fato Mori Nekom Sa Svim Treci Fijaker Stari Govori Se Da Me Varas Temerav O Jelo Jelo Grli Me Ljubi Me Zoro Zorica Moja Skardarlijo Evo Banke Nema Lepse Devojke Cacak Malo Kolo Romanian Rhapsody & Orange Blossom Special and the comments, snap & crackle of a LIVE setting.


Selected for Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Hit List, June 2001

Ti Si Moja Sreca Djelem, Djelem Aj Doslo Vreme Makedonsko Devojce Gypsy Kolo Golden Earrings Swing Sviraj Ciganine Bimo Kolo Zlatan Prsten Lence Bre Duso Dok Sviram Gitaru Bitola Ajde Jano (with guest vocal by Tosh Yanich) Nema Te Vise, Alija Ne Klepeci Nanulama Stacy's Recenitsa 

Balkan Jam II

Bekrija Cororo Cifte, Cifte Cesto Mi Dragi Izgubljeno Jagnje Veliko Kolo Beograde Sitno Kolo Zapevala Sojka Ptica Mel's Sest Jedno Dete Malo- Pittsburgh Chaser Grli Me, Ljubi Me Moram Da Idem Samjotissa/Yerakina- Gajde Kolo Madjarica Imate Li Pari Rece Cica Gajde

Balkan Jam

Gajde Niti Sam Ja Gradjanka Bul Bul Mi Poje Stevanovo Kolo Osman Aga- Jovano, Jovanke Evo Banke Tera Lenka D Kolo (U Sest) Ramo, Ramo Misirlou Djuro's Invertita Malo Kolo Cacak Zikino Kolo

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Kolo - $15 (see below for ordering instructions)



Zumba Zai CD, One to Remember double CD, and Ciganine CD - Available only online on iTunes and through Omnium.



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Sviraj PerformancesPerforming both originals and classics with grace and verve, the band captures the genre's unique rhythmic feel--the bass and bugarija (a chording instrument) lay down a bouncy groove while the Gypsy-influenced fiddle and passionate three-part vocals float elastically over the top.

"Hit List", Acoustic Guitar magazine, June 2001 Acoustic Guitar Central: Reviews


The opening track explodes from the speakers with a pulsing energy. These guys obviously love what they are doing. So will you.

Dirty Linen, 2001


This festive recording treats listeners to the soul of multicultural tamburitza music. Ciganine is a must for anyone who collects East European and Gypsy music. The veteran tamburitza band whips up a stellar recording, with not a song to skip.

PopMatters Music Review, 2001


Ciganine is filled with a music containing so much passion it is impossible not to let it work its magic upon you.

The Green Man Review, 2000


The best of the Balkans, an utterly peaceful synthesis of all the cultures played with energy and love. Come prepared to dance to this irresistible trio.

City Paper, Philadelphia, 1996


Sviraj's harmonies are exquisitely in tune...They are smooth, romantic and haunting.

City Paper, Philadelphia, July 1993


The music is wide-ranging in its appeal...with its wide emotional range from exquisite and delicate beauty to wild passion.Whether vocal or instrumental, the music immediately touches the soul.

Baltimore Folk Music Society, Nov. 1990


Sviraj plays the bejabbers out of Balkan and East European folk music.
The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 1989




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